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About Us

Innovative Detailing was formed in 2013 by our current owner, Scott Woodworth, and original partner Matthew Greene. The business was born from a love for automobiles, and an obsession for quality.

In 2015, Scott took over ownership of the business and continues to uphold our tradition of quality. The business is growing every year, and will continue to make its mark as a quality leader in the local market. The entire Innovative team is committed to quality and aims to "wow" every client.


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Exterior Services

Signature Wash

Starting at $40 + tax
  • Hand Wash (Foam Pre-Soak; 2 Bucket Method)
  • Microfiber Hand Dry
  • Door Jamb Detail & Degreasing
  • Wheel Well Degreasing
  • Wheel & Tire Cleaning, Dress Tires
  • Glass Cleaning

CS-II Aqua (6-12mo)*

Starting at $150 + tax
  • All of Signature Wash PLUS:
  • Paint Decontamination Incl. Tar & Iron Deposit Removal
  • Blow Dry Crevices
  • Install CS-II Aqua
  • * 6-12 Months of Paint Protection
  • * Clay bar service not included

CS-II Clearvue*

Starting at $100 + tax
  • Decontaminate / Prep Windshield
  • Install CS-II Clearvue
  • * Up to 12 mo. windshield protection
  • * Does not include other cleaning services

Additional Options

  • Bi-Monthly Plans available, starting at $200+tax
  • Monthly plans available, starting at $375+tax
  • Clay Bar service available, starting at $50+tax
  • Engine Bay Degreasing/Detailing, $40+tax

Interior Services

The Kickstarter

Starting at $115 + tax
  • Includes: Exterior - Signature Wash
  • Brush & Vaccum Carpets / Upholstery (Incl. Trunk)
  • Pre-treat Interior Panels Where Required
  • Detail & Protect Dash, Vents, Console, Door Panels
  • Glass Cleaning
  • * Pet hair removal not included
  • ** See Optional Kickstarter Extras

Kickstarter Notes & Extras

The Kickstarter is meant for vehicles that are professionally detailed on a regular basis (at least annually) but require some basic upkeep in between. This is also great for vehicles that are driven seasonally or see minimal use. If your interior hasn’t been detailed professionally in years, this package won’t give you the result you need, and you should consider the OCDetail. This package includes our Signature Wash.

Add-On Services:
  • CS-II Aqua - Starting at $100+tax
  • CS-II Cleavue - $100+tax
  • Carpet Shampoo Service - $50+tax
  • Carpet Spot Shampoo Service (Per Corner) - $15+tax
  • Seat Shampoo Service - $50+tax
  • Seat Spot Shampoo Service (Per Corner) - $15+tax
  • Headliner Steam Cleaning Service - $50+tax
  • Leather Seat Conditioning - $50+tax
  • Pet Hair Removal Service - Starting at $60+tax

The OCDetail

Starting at $199 + tax
  • Includes: Exterior - Signature Wash
  • Vaccuum Carpets & Upholstery (Incl. Trunk)
  • Shampoo Carpets & Upholstery
  • Pre-treat Interior Panels, Carpets, Seats Where Required
  • Steam Clean Headliner
  • Steam Clean Vents and Ducts
  • Clean & Condition Leather Seats (if applicable)
  • Detail & Protect Dash, Vents, Console, Door Panels
  • Glass Cleaning
  • * Pet Hair Removal Not Included
  • ** See OCDetail Add-On Services

OCDetail Notes & Extras

This package is meant for vehicles that don’t see regular detailing, see above average or heavy use, or if you want your vehicle to look and smell as new as possible (also great if you’re about to sell your car!) If you have high standards, this is the package for you. This is our signature service that involves an OCD approach to interior detailing, complimented with our Signature Wash.

Add-On Services:
  • CS-II Aqua - Starting at $100+tax
  • CS-II Cleavue - $100+tax
  • Pet Hair Removal Service - Starting at $60+tax
  • Odour Removal Service - $60+tax

Specialty Services

CS-II Ceramic Coatings

Paint Correction

Suntek Paint Protection Film

Paintless Dent Removal

Prices may be changed at any time without prior notice. Prices listed are effective as of January 1, 2020.

Additional labour may apply due to condition of vehicle. Final price upon initial inspection of vehicle.

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